Hypnosis Clover

04 Jan 2024
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(C95) [ねこバス停 (しゃあ)] ヒプノシス・クローバー (アイドルマスター ミリオンライブ!) [英訳]

This doujinshi, titled "Hypnosis Clover," is a Japanese self-published comic book featuring illustrations by the artist Shaa. It has been translated into English for fans to enjoy. The content of this doujinshi falls under the parody to the idolmaster genre, specifically featuring themes of hypnosis, mind control, and neko (cat-eared characters). Additionally, it includes scenes of bukkake, and gangbang. With a total of 40 pages, this doujinshi promises to be an exciting read for fans of these specific themes in anime and manga culture.

Pages: 40 / Size: 38.53 MB