Ponkotsu! Oppai Ninja Momiji ~Kabe Oppai Hen~

13 Feb 2024
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[ファンタジー忍者] ポンコツ!!おっぱい忍者もみじ 〜壁おっぱい編〜 [英訳]

"Ponkotsu! Oppai Ninja Momiji ~Kabe Oppai Hen~" is a translated English doujinshi featuring the artwork of the renowned Fantasy Ninja creator. This intriguing comic offers a unique blend of adult content, including oppai (breasts), paizuri (intimate contact involving breasts), kunoichi (female ninjas), and a captivating scenario where characters are stuck in walls. With 26 pages of illustrations, this engaging and explicit comic caters to fans seeking such themes in their reading material.

Pages: 26 / Size: 204.49 MB